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2020 in Review

By 23 Aaron

While 2020 was a year of many downs, the jailbreak community saw healthy growth, and huge shifts in our thinking and behaviour, as we adapted to a “new normal”.

While checkra1n debuted in 2019, the team’s efforts in 2020 can’t go unnoticed, with the hardwork that went into iOS 14 support, the ever evolving pongoOS and even managing to run checkra1n on the T2. Without checkra1n, we wouldn’t also have Odysseyra1n, which can be used seamlessly with Odyssey itself on supported devices!

Speaking of Odyssey, shout out to Hayden and the other Procursus contributors (Like kirb, Adam, 1Conan and more) for their incredible, modern, open source bootstrap which underpins Odyssey and Odysseyra1n, and hopefully many more jailbreaks to come. Procursus has a wealth of important, interesting and intriguing packages, and if it doesn’t have what you want? You can add it yourself!

We can’t forget the other great jailbreaks we’ve had this year! iOS 13.5 was jailbroken while signed by unc0ver, and Odyssey soon followed, being open source, and then being updated for iOS 13.7, which is still the most recent arm64e jailbreak.

And we can’t forget about developers who made some amazing tweaks for us to use! Such as LaughingQuoll’s Prysm, jcx’s Iris, or NoisyFlake and Ubik’s Velvet.

And last but not least, some great themes, including gabehern’s Goji Pro, Mirac’s KindaStock which left beta in 2020, and xerusFelicity Pro!

All in all, 2020 was a great year to be a jailbreaker and we can’t wait to see what 2021 brings!

If you would like help setting up Odysseyra1n or would like help with an issue, join the Sileo Discord!

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