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By 23 Aaron

For avid checkra1n fans, an alternative solution now exists for the utilities you use! Odysseyra1n is a new solution from Coolstar, and comes with the new, open source Procursus bootstrap from Diatrus.

Odysseyra1n lets you use full libhooker for the first time! Libhooker is a substrate/substitute alternative built from the ground up by Coolstar with speed and stability in mind. Libhooker is also built with the iOS 13 jetsam issues in mind, so you don’t need to worry about random crashes or tweak-based fixes.

Procursus was designed from the ground up to be open source and accessible by all, and comes with 133 packages, that Diatrus has been working on, including wget2, which is a first for any iOS boostrap! Procursus was designed to be easily added to any jailbreak for quick, easy access to necessary utilities, and has modern, updated versions of essential packages.

If you have a checkra1n compatible device, check out Odysseyra1n using this great guide by Cimmerian Iter.

If you would like help setting up Odysseyra1n or would like help with an issue, join the Sileo Discord!

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