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The second Sileo Preview is now available

The Sileo Team is pleased to announce that the second preview build of Sileo is now available, on the default Electra Repo.

What’s new?

Since the first preview, we have been hard at work improving your experience with Sileo.

This release includes the first preview of our News tab, which will be showing Sileo News throughout the beta.

This release includes bug fixes and stability improvements, some of which are listed below:

  • Tapping the “Get” button now responds up to 2x faster
  • Fixed an issue where invalid repositories could be added, resulting in a broken “Get” button
  • Fixed the appearance of payment providers on iPads

This release also switches to a more modern syntax for storing your repositories; this means that your current repositories will be reset upon installation of the new preview.

Future previews

This release adds groundwork for localisation; we’re almost ready to start getting translations for other languages. To help out with the translation efforts, please keep a look out for tweets on @SileoSupport. We can’t wait for you to be able to use Sileo in your native languages!

Our developer documentation will be launching soon, with information about how our innovative new features work. Please follow @SileoSupport for updates regarding the launch of our developer portal.


For now, the preview only supports the latest version of Electra.


Remember that this build of Sileo is simply a beta preview. Some features may be absent or work incorrectly and you should expect a few bugs.

If you see something that you don’t think is right, or need help with something inside Sileo, you can contact us for support.


Every repository that works in Cydia should also work in Sileo. If you are having trouble with a repository, please let us know. We want to make sure Sileo can load all of your favourite repositories.

We’re working with our default repository partners to support payments and other important Sileo features. At this time, Dynastic Repo is the only repository that supports Sileo’s payment API, with Chariz adding support very soon. You can also download Cydia Store packages you have previously purchased.

Source Code

The source code will remain private for the length of the Sileo Preview. It will be published at a later date.

Thanks for your interest in Sileo! We hope you love the Sileo Preview as much as us and can’t wait for you to get started with it!

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